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Northern Cross Farms

Scottish Mist Fresh Goat Milk Soap

Scottish Mist Fresh Goat Milk Soap

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Imagine wandering through a field of heather on a misty, foggy morning in the Scottish Highlands...

This bar of soap blends 5 essential oils (Blood Orange, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Patchouli, and Ylang Ylang) for a relaxing blend of scents that will carry you away to far away lands. 

White kaolin clay is added for its mineral content that helps to remove oils, secretions, and contaminants from your skin; cleansing, refreshing, absorbing moisture and impurities to nourish, sooth and soften dry skin. Kaolin clay possesses regeneration qualities which boost the cell renewal of skin that revitalize and restore your complexion.



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