Collection: Apothecary

Utilizing herbs and remedies for a holistic approach to health has been in existence as far back as 2600 BC when the Babylonians recorded symptoms and prescribed treatments for ailments.

I began looking at natural remedies as an alternative to chemically laden creams when my children were young. I fed them foods that I made from my garden and farm; baked bread for their lunches, it only made sense that I also make holistic salves and creams. I began researching in earnest after I broke my leg, the residual pain in that leg is like a toothache. Ancient Minerals Magnesium Salts have been an answer to a prayer. Through research, I have learned to process this product into cream and spray that relieves that constant ache.  

While foraging on our property I have discovered a wealth of herbs and plants that grow naturally on our farm that can be turned into healing salves.